Boeing’s Connexion Wi-Fi Service Takes Off

Boeing’s Connexion Wi-Fi Service Takes Off


If you intend to work while on your next flight and wish to send files, check email, chat or surf the web, then make sure you are flying aboard a Boeing 737-400 plane. The Boeing planes will now offer Wi-Fi service that enables you to access the Internet features you are used to at home or at the office, even log in to your corporate networks via VPN.

The high-speed Internet service is called Connexion, it lets you communicate wirelessly while in flight. A two-way satellite links with a network of ground-based stations. You can use the service by visiting the Connexion website and creating a user account. Expect to shell out $30 on most international travels, $20 for trips that last less than 6 hours, or $10 for the first 60 minutes of access, then just pay 25 cents for up each minute thereafter.

Don’t expect Connexion to be perfect though as you may encounter setting-up problems due to interference or due to a general ‘conflict’ with your laptop’s set up. Flight attendants can assist you because they can reach ground tech support through VoIP phones or text chat on their own Internet-connected machines. However, these systems are not standard.

The up side? Well, once you’re connected to Connexion, you can expect DSL-like speeds with maximum throughputs reaching 20 megabits per second, not bad at all consider you are 33,000 feet in the air traveling at 830 km/h.