Plug and play movies on your Nokia mobile phone

Plug and play movies on your Nokia mobile phone


You can very well do that with the new content-loaded memory cards which have been developed and are now being marketing across UK by ROK Entertainment Group. It is definitely a neat idea but the titles which will be available shortly are pretty limited to a total of twelve! I guess ROK realizes the limitation that these numbers create in a marketplace where users are spoilt for choice and is already talking about increasing them to fifty by Christmas.

Some pretty well known artists are featured in the upcoming release list such as Ministry of Sound and the cartoon Wallace and Gromit. You can buy these titles at Nokia’s direct retail outlets in UK. Just in case you were thinking that these movies are going to short as they would be specifically for the mobile, you are in for a nice surprise…these memory cards are capable of playing content up to four hours!

So how come such a new entrant in the mobile phone entertainment market is betting so heavily on these memory cards? That’s because this market is expected to be worth more than 100 million pounds in less than three years. Any company with the technology will want to bet on such a bit commercial pie!