One billion mobile phones by 2009

One billion mobile phones by 2009


Gartner has been very diligent in this research to say the least. Reason being? The study is likely to influence financial decisions at some of the largest mobile phone companies and many manufacturers may treat this report as official. More than twenty professionals specializing in the area of mobile and wireless industry were involved in this study.

Mobile phones have become such an international commodity that Gartner finds it difficult to segregate the trends and patterns depending on region. New customers in the South East region and a surprise front runner Brazil, and repeat buyers in more mature markets like US and Europe are key factors to this growth pattern. Needless to add, buyers in western countries are still hankering after the latest piece of mobile equipment and manufacturers are keeping them happy by launching new versions with enhanced services and features.

The latest trend of smart phones is also helping push up sales considerably. The increase in volumes may not reflect an equal increase in profits for mobile phone manufacturers, prices are expected to fall as research and development costs get recovered faster. However, innovation and market-savvy tactics will still be the key for companies to survive in this rat race.