Wi-Mesh 802.11s Standardization Begins

Wi-Mesh 802.11s Standardization Begins


Discussions at the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) have started today, the topic; Wi-Mesh (802.11s). This future wireless network is designed to extend the reach of Wi-Fi networks to long distances, indoors or outdoor while each access point carries others’ traffic along.

The 15 proposals to be considered will be reviewed in San Francisco for the next week by Nortel, Philips, SEEMesh (Simple, Efficient and Extensible Mesh) backed by Intel, Nokia and Motorola.

“The ever expanding proliferation of wireless devices and communication services has made the development of a worldwide standard for mesh wireless Lans critical to their future success,” said Mark Whitton, vice president of wireless solutions at Nortel.

“Wireless users expect secure seamless access anywhere, anytime, and the new standard proposed by the Wi-Mesh Alliance is designed to enable mesh wireless Lans to meet those expectations as wireless communications continue to evolve.

“Nortel has worked closely with the Wi-Mesh Alliance to develop the new standard by contributing the best of its global experience and leadership in deploying mesh networks.”

Current Wi-Fi hotspots require direction internet connections to the router for sharing. Mesh networks are designed to pass the data off onto the first network that is found. The IEEE will also have to consider Wi-Mesh in conjunction with other standards such as 802.11n and Wi-Max.