Skype extends Mobile Voice over WiFi Coverage

Skype extends Mobile Voice over WiFi Coverage


Everyone is excited about all the new WiFi and VoIP services that will soon be available throughout the globe. It is inevitable, but we still have to wait. Skype has brought it all one step closer by partnering with The Cloud, a leading WiFi network provider in Europe.

The new agreement will offer low cost WiFi access for data and internet voice calling as part of the ‘Skype Zones’ beta service.

A Skype enabled Wi-Fi device will automatically connect to Skype as soon as it is turned on within one of the Clouds 6,000 Hotspots across the UK and Sweden. This brings Skypes coverage to just over 24,000 Skype Zones with the recent announcement of their Boingo Wireless partnership.

Skype Zones allow users to roam globally between wireless hotspots and fully utilize Skype features. The service costs €6.18 (US $7.95) per month for subscribers or €2.50 for a 2-hour connection.

“We believe that the mobility offered by Skype Zones has the power to revolutionise modern communications,” said Niklas Zennström, CEO and founder of Skype. “Skype is bringing affordable WiFi and voice calls to millions of users, enabling them to talk, IM and surf conveniently and cost-effectively from thousands of great locations. Our users in the UK and Sweden will benefit from The Cloud’s extensive network coverage in places where people really want to use it.”