Delkin eFilm Pop-Up Shades Protect Camera LCDs

Delkin eFilm Pop-Up Shades Protect Camera LCDs


Delkin’s eFilm Pop-Up Shades are designed to fit on many popular Digital SLR and point and shoot cameras; their purpose is to protect the LCD screen from being damaged and also act as an anti-glare guard. They are sturdy, lightweight and easily installed by a removable peel-n-stick glue surface.

Delkin plans to introduce 100 different models in the next two months to fit the most popular cameras on the market, once those are out, any new camera that hits the market will have a Pop-Up Shade available within 30 days.

President and CEO of Delkin, Martin J. Wood said the design of this product is a reflection of his personal experiences “It seems we all know someone who purchased a digital point and shoot camera, and in a matter of days found the LCD had cracked. Even if you’re careful, it can happen in your camera bag or purse. Most camera or chain stores report the manufacturer will not cover the cost under the warranty. When you hear a repair estimate close to what you paid for the camera, you end up throwing your expensive camera away.”

My personal experiences are quite the opposite, maybe I have just been lucky but I have never had any problems with camera LCD screens. Most high-end DSLR cameras have some type of LCD cover to protect it from scratches, even my Nikon D70 does and it’s no where even close to a pro-level camera. I would rather spend the $30 to $45 on a Delkin screen cover then have to send my camera in for an expensive LCD replacement.

How about if Delkin offered some type warranty incentive? If your screen gets damaged or breaks with the eFilm Pop-Up Shade we will repair your camera at no charge.