Sprint PCS Data Link, a boon for business customers

Sprint PCS Data Link, a boon for business customers


Sprint PCS Data Link has three objectives to achieve when it launches next month: Reduce costs for customers, help business owners increase productivity and improve customer satisfaction. All these objectives look achievable considering Sprint’s nationwide wireless network and a Global IP Network. Sprint PCS Data Link comes with other choices as well as the Sprint Extended Workplace (enterprise grade access tool for laptops) Sprint Managed Mobility (help businesses manage wireless services and devices), Wireless Data SLAs and Sprint Business Mobile Framework ( to meet advanced mobility requirements).

Such a wide basket of wireless access for businesses can gear Sprint towards the role of the preferred wireless service provider for businesses. The Sprint PCS Data Link can be used by a business by setting up a Sprint certified CMDA modem. A wide range of businesses can leverage which are retail, financial services, and business houses. Sprint PCS Data Link for Wireless WAN also provides business continuity service such as providing services for critical business applications even if the line is cut.

So if you are looking at providing very high quality wireless access service for your business then Sprint PCS Data Link is just the one for you.