Mobile Gaming Helmet makes Safety Fun for Kids

Mobile Gaming Helmet makes Safety Fun for Kids


So your child does not want to wear a safety helmet inside the car eh? Maybe this new helmet developed by amateur inventor Michael P. Fleming will make your kid change his mind. Actually, there is no child safety gadget designed specifically for the head protection of kids inside cars but Fleming, a Houston lawyer by profession, is convinced that it is required. He is so convinced that he has filed a formal patent application with the United States Patent and Trademark Office for his helmet.

Making your child wear a helmet while inside a car may result in a huge argument between the two of you, so Fleming thought to make it more appealing by designing the helmet to connect to audio and video gizmos found in many vehicles today. The helmet can also be linked to any mobile gaming handheld on the market. You can just picture these kids running around the streets playing their Sony PSPs while smashing heads into eachother, lucky for the helmet!

Now before you start laughing at this new gadget, consider this – the Centers for Disease Control claim that traffic crashes are the number one killer of young children in America. For instance, 2,542 children ages 15 and younger died in car crashes in 2002 and over 294,000 were injured. Data shows that many of those deaths and injuries were the result of head trauma.