DVD Players Poised to Go Mobile

DVD Players Poised to Go Mobile


It’s a mobile world out there and people simply want their dose of entertainment wherever they are, whenever they want. As it is, people are already watching DVDs in their cars, in trains, in-flight, on laptops and on portable DVD players.

Following are some industry trends we’ve noticed catering to this entertainment-to-go concept.

According to Inc.’s Automotive Information Center, 22 new automobile models now feature DVD players as standard features. Of this figure, about 20% of them offer the DVD players as options.

According to the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA), DVD players are estimated to reach 447,000 units in 2005, up 15% from 2004. The CEA further predicts that portable DVD player sales are expected to increase 57% from 2004 to 662,000 units.

“In a world of cell phones, Blackberries and personal CD players, consumers now demand access to the same technology on the road as they enjoy at home,” according to Universal Studios Home Entertainment president Craig Kornblau.

Sony Pictures Home Entertainment seems to echo this thought too as president Benjamin Feingold says “The movie business needs to migrate with lifestyles, and increasingly our lifestyles are mobile.”