Nortel to Enable Vietnam with Broadband Wireless Technology

Nortel to Enable Vietnam with Broadband Wireless Technology


The top telecommunications companies in Vietnam have woken up to the realization that the country needs high speed, and preferably wireless broadband to join other Asia Pacific countries in the information technology age. Hutchison Telecom Vietnam has joined hands with Hanoi Telecom and have jointly chosen Nortel to build a national CDMA 2000 1X network in Vietnam, this will realize their goal of high speed wireless internet connections and hopefully attract more business travelers from around the globe.

Choosing Nortel is a no-brainer. Nortel has an outstanding track record of implementing similar solutions in other countries. Their continuous research and development efforts provide some of the latest technologies in the wireless industry. Nortel also has a dedicated effort in the Asia-Pacific market; this is one of the fastest growing sectors for its products and services.

The complete contract includes technology implementation by Nortel and other hardware instances such as CDMA 2000 1X radio base stations, base station controllers, switching platforms and related equipment. The Vietnamese ‘Greenfield’ project is likely to change the face of Internet access and usage of Internet in the country and bring Vietnam at par with other developing Asian nations.