Sharp Develops Multi-View Display Technology

Sharp Develops Multi-View Display Technology


Sharp’s European laboratories have developed an innovative multiple viewing angle liquid crystal display. When I say multiple viewing angle, I really mean multiple viewing, the display can show different information depending on what angle you are facing. This technology can be implemented into any device you would want to protect information on, Bank ATM screens, cell phones, notebook computers, even home TVs.

Imagine sitting on a subway with your notebook; there are always eyes peering at what you are doing, except with the new sharp multi-view screen, they would only see what you want them to. How about a big screen saver saying “MIND YOUR OWN BIZNESS F00”, or while your playing games at work, set the game in your primary view, while the side angles show your excel spreadsheet or whatever other boring stuff you are working on.

Sharp is beginning mass production of the screens this month; they should be available in Japan first.