Sharing the Wi-Fi connection with Junxion Box

Sharing the Wi-Fi connection with Junxion Box


Don’t mistake this box for a shoebox cover even though it deceptively looks like one. It is one of the most required products in today’s Wi-Fi world and is no surprise that it’s gaining popularity like wild fire. The Junxion Box allows you to set up a multi-user Internet connection in any location which receives cell phone services.

So who all is using this? Junxion box is gaining popularity from the Hollywood corridors at The Sopranos production unit, and on Google’s commuter buses. The ease of use of the Junxion box is making more and more technologically aware companies grab it up.

Verizon Wireless is worried by the Junxion box, but the team back at Junxion feels that there is a close collaboration around the corner and a new pricing policy can come up shortly for shared Wi-Fi networks. Besides, when you pay for Internet service you can do whatever you like with it, within restrictions of the law of course, and that means sharing!

“The premise is one person buys an air card and one person uses the service, not an entire neighborhood,” said Jeffrey Nelson, executive director for corporate communications at Verizon Wireless. “Giving things away for free doesn’t work anymore. It never did.”

I didn’t know $80 per month was free? This is what Verizon charges for unlimited service on cellular modem cards.