LapWorks Laptop Legs/Mac Feet Reviewed

LapWorks Laptop Legs/Mac Feet Reviewed


Such a minor thing like laptop feet can be easily over looked when purchasing a portable computer. I know I never gave it a thought when I bought my PowerBook G4, but after some time of using a laptop that was completely flat on my desk, funny things began happening.

First you notice an immense amount of heat, sure there is a fan or two packed into that slim 1-inch design somewhere, but that doesn’t stop the underside from being suffocated. When your laptop is sitting flat down on a desk, heat builds up underneath. When there is no air circulation, enough heat can build up and in time your hardware will be more likely to fail.

Hard drives are always the first to go, the spindle motor in a hard drive is one of the most heat intensive devices in your system. It’s power hungry, spins at 5400RPM or 7200RPM if you don’t mess around. Each hard drive has different operating temperatures depending on the manufacturer. Most Toshiba’s are in or around 5 to 55 degrees celsius, once you go beyond that recommended operating temperature, many bad things can happen; system crashes, screen freezes (in the MS Windows environment particularly), memory issues or even a hard drive failure. The LapWorks Laptop Legs/Mac Feet help with that, by elevating your notebook off your desk at either 1-inch or 1 3/8-inch, your choice, heat will be released and many of these problems will be solved.

The other funny thing that started happening was the cramps in my wrists and slight sore fingers. After using an elevated desktop keyboard for 10 or so years, my body was used to that one typing position. The LapWorks legs brought that good old feeling back again, with a slight incline it improved the ergonomics and my pains and discomfort disappeared within a week.

These temperature readings below were recorded with Temperature Monitor 2.5. I’m sure results will vary depending on your system specifications, how long it has been running, and where your notebook is sitting. Regardless, laptop legs work, even if you don’t want to shell out the measly $20 for two sets, you can jack it up with something similar and get a half-hacked version for free, it will save your hardware down the line.