Get Bluetooth access back on Samsung’s i730 Pocket PC

Get Bluetooth access back on Samsung’s i730 Pocket PC


Unhappy about Verizon disabling Bluetooth dial up on Samsung’s new i730 Pocket PC phone? You can try these home spun ideas to get around this issue, completely at your own risk!

The first technique has to do with using a Pretec SD BT card,it will cost you around $140 so it may not be for everyone. After installing the drivers and rebooting the phone and plugging the Bluetooth card into the phone, you will pair the phone with a laptop, then DUN service becomes available after you have made some simple changes in set up. A step-by-step guide is available from Engadget. This technique requires a bit of manual intervention and is not very elegant, it does sound quite simple and easy to get working if you are willing to dish out a few bucks for the Pretec card.

The second solution requires you to install a driver but the main risk is that it might put your phone at risk. You need to install the SCH I730 MCCI driver, atleast it won’t cost you any money. You need to ensure that the EVDO is not connected and reset the phone when you want to use Active Sync.

Though neither of these techniques have received feedback, they both sound very workable. So if you want to get around to beating Verizon at this, its time to get started and fight these corporate hijackers.

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