Opera 8 for Symbian S60 Arrives

Opera 8 for Symbian S60 Arrives


Opera 8 mobile is the latest browser released for the Symbian Series 60 mobile platform. This version comes after a decade of of cross-platform browser development to offer the end-user innovative customization features all in one small package.

New features introduced in the Opera 8 include a four-way navigation system with extra fast scrolling for quick browsing done via the small user interface of the mobile phone. An upgrade to the Small-Screen Rendering (SSR) technology; this reformats Web sites to fit the width of mobile screens. Users can also choose their preference of either Quality or Speed. Quality mode maintains key graphic elements of the website, whereas the Speed mode sacrifices some graphic elements for almost 25% faster output. I think that this is really an excellent feature, not everyone has the same data connection speed.

Opera, based out of Norway, has been actively researching new browser technologies and maintaining its lead in the marketplace by churning out new versions of its already user friendly software. Previous Opera 6.20 users can now look forward to a free download of the latest software version. So if you are already using an older version of Opera, you can start deciding whether you want your mobile Internet in good Quality or high Speed mode.