BitTorrent to your Pocket PC with WinMobile Torrent

BitTorrent to your Pocket PC with WinMobile Torrent


You can now download torrent files to your Pocket PC device with WinMobile Torrent, a BitTorrent client that runs on your Windows Mobile 2003/SE device and lets you leech or seed multiple torrents. You can even view the progress of each torrent and extract individual files before the torrent has finished downloading; sounds similar to BitComet and Azerus for the PC.

There isn’t much that the software can’t do. You can log transfer activities, add/connect/disconnect/delete peers, pause and resume downloads, scape the tracker, and display graphs for leeching and seeding, and i’m sure the RIAA will be just as able to keep an eye on what you download as they would with desktop torrent applications. You are going to need a fast connection and a lot of storage on your handheld to support it, but it’s definitely doable.

The only setback is that the software isn’t free. It will cost you US $20 when you buy from GeekZone. It will run on Windows Mobile 2003/2003 SE, a full list of supported devices is on GeekZone’s site.