Samsung and LG look to UMA

Samsung and LG look to UMA


Let’s push the envelope a bit more shall we? Just as the tech world is abuzz with the latest news that Skype and Boingo have teamed up to offer VoIP calls over Boingo WiFi hotspots, Samsung and LG make news of their own as they announce plans to develop mobile phones that make use of a new technology from Kineto Wireless.

The new technology, called Unlicensed Mobile Access or UMA, is said to promote better call quality when one is making or taking a call indoors with his cell phone. How? UMA will enable the new Samsung and LG cell phones to switch a call from a cellular network (whose signals are known to get weak indoors) to a WiFi network without cutting the connection.

Not many wireless service providers are embracing UMA, yet. A major reason for this is that when a cellular call is turned over to a Wi-Fi network, the call is sent using VoIP (Voice-over-Internet Protocol), which is a technology consumers link to cheaper fees than cell phones. The dilemma? There seems to be no indication that wireless service providers are willing to provide such cuts in rates, this is why many are jumping into wireless broadband services before it’s too late.