Live Video Streaming at WiMAX Forum

Live Video Streaming at WiMAX Forum


The WiMAX Forum Plenary will be demonstrating live video technology to handheld devices via PanAmSat, KenCast and Trinity Workplace Learning. This is going to be the world’s first live cast to handheld devices and is surely going to open the gates of new ideas and many commercial offerings from mobile phone service providers.

PanAmSat seems to have big plans for this technology as shown via their Galaxy 11 satellite. The demonstration at WiMAX Forum Plenary will provide live delivery to 10 streaming video channels. Several channels will be provided by Trinity and consist of training content to key personnel in the Law Enforcement, Fire and Emergency industries.

WiMAX services are expected to go live in 2006 on smart phones and laptops. WiMAX standard based technologies enable the delivery of last-mile wireless broadband services and may eventually replace cable and DSL connections. ‘Metrozones’ shall come up as WiMAX approaches commercial launch, these zones shall provide portable outdoor broadband wireless access as we all have been dreaming about.