Belkin USB Anywhere, Portable USB Peer-to-Peer

Belkin USB Anywhere, Portable USB Peer-to-Peer


Belkin has announced a new device called USB Anywhere which will allow you to connect two different portable USB units to each other and transfer their contents. Basically you can hook up your MP3 player and a friend’s USB keychain and swap data without a computer. Think peer-to-peer-over-lunch (P2PoL).

The USB Anywhere will run off batteries or a backup power supply and is quite portable due to its small size and light weight. You can select to copy individual files or complete directories with two different copy modes. When your transfer is active a LED will flash indicating that stuff is happening. Belkin says that you should be able to achieve 12Mbps transfer speeds but I’m sure that’s determined by the slowest device in the chain.

The USB Anywhere will begin shipping to North America on October 14th 2005 for a price of $40US.