Belkin TuneCommand and TuneTalk for Apple iPod

Belkin TuneCommand and TuneTalk for Apple iPod


Belkin has announced two new addons for the ever-so-popular, talk of the town, little white box that everyone is zombies for, the Apple iPod. One device, the Tunetalk, adds voice recording, the other, TuneCommand, adds wireless remote capabilities.

First, the TuneTalk, is a voice recording add-on for 3G/4G iPods that sports an omni directional boom microphone that allows you to record voice onto your iPod. The TuneTalk also has an LCD to indicate when it is recording, a flexible boom neck, and a foam microphone cover. Expect to see this funny looking guy hit streets end of month for $30US.

The second is Belkin’s wireless remote solution that lets you control your 3G/4G and Mini iPod from your neighbors house two doors down (150 feet). It uses radio frequency technology (RF) so you can beam your remote through walls. The remote control unit will have eight buttons; play/pause, next/ previous track, volume up/down, shuffle and repeat. It will also allow you to control your photo slideshows when used with the iPod Photo. The TuneCommand will be available in August for $50US.