Skype and Boingo Wireless offer Global Wi-Fi Telephony

Skype and Boingo Wireless offer Global Wi-Fi Telephony


Skype Zones are here to change the way you talk. Boingo Wireless and Skype have joined hands to offer global wi-fi services (which till now was in concept stage only) to all Skype customers. Now more than 45 million users of Skype will be able to use VOIP via Boingo’s network of 18,000 hot spots using propriety Boingo software.

The availability of service is not the good news, however the cost of service is. Skype Zones will be available for a mere $7.95 dollars per month! Though Skype Zones is currently under beta testing, this news is sure to create pressure on Skype to launch the service commercially at the earliest possible date.

This could be a large success by keeping with true Skype tradition, the services are very simple to use and provide a decent range of peripheral services for better customer experience. Once you are connected on the Skype Zone, you can not only make calls, but also use your contact lists, gain access to global user directory, and continue to use Skype messenger for instant messaging.

So if you are already one of the 45 millions Skype users, we are sure that you cannot wait to get your started with Skype Zones.