Nextel Launching Motorola i850 Camera Phone

Nextel Launching Motorola i850 Camera Phone


Nextel has announced that they are launching Motorola’s new i850 camera phone with Group Connect functions, which is an upgrade from the i730. The clamshell type phone also features GPS capabilities, downloadable Java applications, audible and picture caller ID, as well as the usual date book, hands free and internet browsing.

As for the physical specs, the phone weighs in at 122 grams and measures 3.46 x 1.85 x 1.14-inches. As with most clamshell phones, the i850 houses two LCD screens, one monochrome blue LCD (96 x 32 pixels) on the front, and one 262K LCD screen on the inside.

The connect function works just like push-to-talk where you have the ability to talk to other users directly at the push of a button. Not only that, but they have their Direct Talk service that allows short-range walkie-talkie functions without network coverage. Also, you can easily send contact info to other contacts via Nextel’s Direct Send feature. Basically there’s a whole lot of directing and connecting on this phone.

You can grab the Motorola i850 through retail stores and online for a price of $249 with a two-year service agreement.