Four times more likely to crash

Four times more likely to crash


Research has finally provided conclusive evidence of something which was common knowledge for quite some time. Only this time, we have a number backed by research rather than guesswork. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety has released a report which confirms that drivers using mobile phones while driving are four times more likely to crash and injure themselves seriously.

Other recent studies in the University of Utah and Virginia Tech University further corroborate the findings of the IIHS. The myth that hands fee equipment significantly reduces the chances of a crash has also been removed by these studies. The message conveyed by these reports is serious enough for a legislation of NO PHONES WHILE DRIVING to come up in all countries across the globe. The reports also recommend that no differentiation be made between the hand held phone and a hands free phone.

“Male and female drivers experienced about the same increase in risk from using a phone. So did drivers older and younger than 30 and drivers using hand-held and hands-free phones.” said Anne McCartt, Institute vice president for research and an author of the study.

Some of the US States are getting paper work in place to capture data regarding crash sites and their causes, but some policy makers think that this is not good enough. Mobile phones should NOT be used while driving as they are prone to creating a high level of distraction for the driver. Many individuals who have suffered loss of near and dear ones or suffered from bodily harm themselves; agree to take a stiff stance regarding this matter.