FireFly mobile phone for Kids now available

FireFly mobile phone for Kids now available


The handy FireFly mobile phone for kids is now available to all consumers nation wide. The phone, designed for youngsters age 8-12 will feature functions that allow ease in contacting preset numbers via the speed dial.

The phone also features different functions like 7 screen colors, 12 different ringtones, and 5 animations. Talk time should last for around 6 hours with standby of around 205 minutes.

The phone is available at Target stores for $100 and it will include 30 minutes of pre-paid air time. The phone is also available on the web at and in select shopping malls at Firefly’s kiosk’s.

We talked about the phone back in March when it was announced. We also looked into studies on the effects of prolonged cell phone use and came to the highly uneducated guess that kids won’t be talking on these phones for hours on end. Therefore the odd usage to beg mom and dad for lunch money, or a ride shouldn’t fry their developing minds. We have video games to owe that to!