Could music downloads be free on future mobile phones?

Could music downloads be free on future mobile phones?


Is the regime of pay per song by mobile phone operators over before it even takes off? Virgin senior officials feel that they might have to consider providing unlimited music access to mobile phone users if they want the digital music rage to pickup steam. Users want to be able to move songs freely from their personal computers to their multi-media phones and thus there is no way that mobile phones can get away with song download charges for long.

Consumers have spent over $1.5 billion in the past three years buying songs to play on their cell phones with digital music players, and this is expected to be the next big technology wave in the near future. The picture of how to enable free music availability on cell phones still remains a grey area for mobile phone providers and no firm game plan is with providers for this requirement.

Virgin officials hope to catch on to the digital music downloading craze for additional revenue. However in their eyes, a need to allow for a free music movement must be possible so that more and more users get encouraged to use the service. I bet the RIAA is having a heart attack right now.

What will happen? Only time will tell…in the meantime, if you want to listen to music on your wireless device…you will have to pay for it!