Phone booster gets rid of the crackle while on the move

Phone booster gets rid of the crackle while on the move


Everyone gets tired of hearing broken voices on their mobile phone when driving, especially at high-speeds. This is called audio-damaging frame errors, a wireless solution to prevent this problem has been developed. The Mobile Signal Amplifier from Sigma Automotive allows you to increase clarity on the phone at least ten times and lets you talk without straining to catch each word. The wireless in-vehicle amplifier gains control of both the uplink and downlink paths to prevent any external oscillation due to antenna installation variation.

The wireless kit works with all available protocols such as Analog/AMPS, CDMA, TDMA and GSM as well as 800 and 1900 MHz and is compatible with Bluetooth technology as well. The set up is easy and can be done within a few minutes.

Though this product is available at a steep price of $275 for the wireless pack and promises a good solution for people on the move, it might encourage more users to talk on their phones while driving instead of pulling up on the side to get better connection. This definitely poses safety issues. On the other hand, it is useful tool to be utilized by Doctors and medical personnel on the move.