Motorola announces broader Ojo Videophone retail availability

Motorola announces broader Ojo Videophone retail availability


Motorola has announced that they are expanding the retail presence of their Ojo videophone to over 200 retail locations. Stores such as Tweeter Home Entertainment, Harvey Electronics, and Magnolia Audio Video will now carry the Ojo.

For those of you who haven’t heard of the Ojo, or even those stores listed above, it’s a videophone that looks like something out of the movie “Total Recall”, and can be found much easier by searching “Motorola Ojo” in Froogle. It requires a high-speed cable or DSL connection to operate. People can chat via the Ojo with full-motion video and synchronized audio. The Ojo is capable of sending calls at 30 frames per second at rates as low as 110 Kbps.

Does this mean we will need to brush our teeth and fix our hair each time we talk to someone? Sounds great to me.

The suggested retail price for the Motorola Ojo PVP1000 comes in at a whopping $799.99 with a $15 monthly service fee. If you want more details and specs check out Motorola’s site.