Yahoo! Plays catch up with Google. Launches SMS services

Yahoo! Plays catch up with Google. Launches SMS services


Yahoo! has caught up with Google and has launched Yahoo! SMS Search services which allow you to search for required information via your mobile phone. Having the entire directory information of Yahoo! available to your mobile phone can be a big boon for Yahoo users on the go. Yahoo! SMS is available with major carriers across the US and will be with other international carriers soon.

Yahoo! SMS is very easy to use. All you need to do is type 92466 (which obviously spells Yahoo! on most keypads) and then your query and send it as an SMS. Other than that, you can set shortcuts on your phone for frequently fetched information such as WiFi hotspot finders, weather, stock quotes, daily horoscopes, dictionary, and zip and area code look up. SMS Messenger is also available for most users.

As new SMS services get launched, users can benefit from the utilization of high-end technology with utility oriented services. I can already see the benefit of being able to find out a Pizza joint during lunch hour while in New York for a business meeting via Yahoo! SMS services!

Expansion of the Yahoo! Search on Mobile devices has also been announced. With access to the relevant and comprehensive search results from your HTML-capable mobile devices. is a WAP 2.0 (xhtml) search tool for translating full Web pages to fit on consumer phones.

“We know that today consumers are on the go with their mobile phone and our search services represent a new way for them to get the relevant information they need quickly by using Yahoo!,” said Doug Garland, senior vice president, Yahoo! Mobile.