Too short? Use Orange Pic Stic to get the shot

Too short? Use Orange Pic Stic to get the shot


It’s a neat piece devised to address one of the most common problems faced by people in crowded locations; taking pictures of a live event or in a crowd without the benefit of height. You may either be at a lower angle or just plain short, getting a good shot can be quite a nuisance and the Orange Pic Stic helps you attach your phone camera and extend your photographic reach.

Imagine seeing a few black sticks with mobile phones on the end popping up with a bright Orange logo prominently featured on the front. Very likely to get noticed and talked about.

The Orange Pic Stic (sounds like an ice cream to me!) is likely to be launched shortly and has the potential to become a popular gift item provided it is taken in the right spirit. The only concern of mine how portable and compact can this Pic Stic become? No information is known if the Orange Pic Stic is foldable and if it can easily be stored in your pocket of backpack. Since it does retract, I’m sure it can become small enough to at least fit in a purse.