MMS Party Starts as Inter-carrier agreements get signed

MMS Party Starts as Inter-carrier agreements get signed


What do T-Mobile, Cingular Wireless, Sprint PCS, Verizon Wireless, Leap Wireless and US Cellular customers have in common? They can now exchange pictures and short video messages including text and audio with each other easily from their MMS enabled wireless phones!

The major wireless service providers in the US have signed a contract allowing this flow of service between users, the inter-communications now possible between users has expanded phenomenally which is going to give rise to more usage of multi-media messaging services and of course, more profits to carriers. Cingular customers are the largest group of wireless users in the US (almost 80% of the total user base) and interoperability of services comes as excellent news to the users.

The inter-carrier MMS services will be a seamless process, users can now share multi-media content with family and friends.

New service packs are expected with lower rates to encourage customer usage. The agreement is likely to reflect positively towards the sale of more MMS enabled phones.