Europe’s Dark Horse: Acer Notebooks

Europe’s Dark Horse: Acer Notebooks


Rising from fourth place in 2003 to the first place in 2004 is no mean feat for any organization. Acer has achieved this phenomenal growth across Europe for its notebooks and is now being named the Dark Horse of Europe. Acer has managed to overtake heavy weight competition in the world’s second largest marketplace for notebooks and this has been made possible with better distribution policies, localization of product, and better marketing and promotion.

So is the European market more active than the US market when it comes to Notebooks? Possible. Research has shown more flux in the European market which has contributed significantly to Acer’s fantastic rise in this market.

As Acer becomes a strong force in the notebook market, forecast reports are including the information about Acer’s strategy to growth along with a detailed study of the success factors which have resulted in the recent gains by Acer. Who knows, it could even just be from their new Acer Ferrari line.

So if you are based in Europe and looking at buying a new notebook, you should definitely check out Acer’s offering along with that of IBM and Dell in order to ensure that you make a smart decision. After all so many notebook users cannot be wrong!