Cash for Old Cell Phones?

Cash for Old Cell Phones?


Seth Heine of RipMobile wants your old cell phone. Depending on the demand for the phone and its usefulness, your old clunker could be worth more than $100.

Certain Motorola and Nokia phones are typically worth $2 to $20. While cell phone manufacturers and wireless companies may offer cash or recycling options, RipMobile also offers points that can be converted into gift certificates at places like Circuit City, MSN Music, and

If old cell phones are too outdated to resell, the parts can still be used, says Rob Newton, president of OldCell Phone. And recycling old cell phones is good for the environment. The phones contain toxic substances, including arsenic.

RipMobile is a division of CollectiveGood Inc., which develops new ways to recycle old phones and attract the younger crowd, who has access to millions of used mobile phones.

Is sending in an old phone worth the trouble? On certain sites, users can request a prepaid shipping label and box for mailing. At the price of a trip to your mailbox, you could end up with anywhere from $1 to $100 in cash or gift certificates good for purchasing other gadgets.