Siemens HHB-750 Bluetooth Stereo Headest

Siemens HHB-750 Bluetooth Stereo Headest


A great addition to your Bluetooth enabled mobile phone would be a set of wireless stereo-capable headphones. Siemens has released the handsfree compliant HHB-750 Bluetooth headset, it supports A2DP and AVRC profiles, receives audio information on the single-line backlit blue LCD and controls music playback capabilities like start, stop and skip.

Whether this will work with any old Bluetooth-enabled mobile phone is unkown, but it was specifically designed for the Siemens S75 and SL75 handsets. Music playback capabilities will be at their best, you can enjoy the stereo sound that your music was supposed to be listened to in.

The HHB-750 will run for 8 hours on a charge, thankfully it uses those easily replaceable and affordable AAA batteries. Standby time is around 150 hours. Siemens is shipping the stereo headset in Q3 of 2005, no price was announced.