LG to License Palm OS for Smarter Phones

LG to License Palm OS for Smarter Phones


LG smart phones are aiming to become smarter as LG announces an alliance with Palm. There have been strong rumors about Palm OS actively looking for an alliance with one of the Korean giants, and it seems like LG has emerged as the winner in this race. LG plans to use the Palm OS software in LG’s latest smartphones which would have features similar to personal computers.

A lot of information is not available from either company with regards to what they plan to do and financial information about the deal is also not yet made public. Public speculation has resulted in almost 3% increase in the stock of Palm OS and this surely comes as welcome news for Palm OS investors who haven’t seen much movement in the stock in the recent past. We can assume it will lead to a wider range of Linux-based mobile handsets from LG.

So how will LG’s new smart phones benefit from this alliance? The answer is very simple. LG gets a tried and tested software from Palm as well as the Palm brand on their mobile handsets. Overall, this alliance has been a smart move even from LG’s point of view since it would give them added marketing impetus. Accordingly to industry sources, LG seems to have beaten Samsung in closing this deal with Palm.