iPod gets connected with Volvo

iPod gets connected with Volvo


Volvo does not want to be left behind and is now joining the digital music bandwagon through a partnership with PhatNoise. The deal involves the option to Volvo drivers a choice of dealer-installed MP3 music solutions, one being… ta-da! your iPod. The other solution is a tailored version of PhatNoise’s PhatBox player.

With the Volvo iPod Adapter, retailing at $150, you can simply plug your iPod into a cable situated in the armrest compartment of your car. Control over the iPod is easy via Volvo’s sound system and steering wheel controls. And don’t worry about your iPod dying on you either because it’s being charged while it’s plugged in.

Out for a really long drive? Then a media player that is simply LOADED with your favorite tunes is what you need. The Digital Jukebox, retailing at $898, features a removable 20GB hard drive which can be used to store about 500 CDs worth of music. The hard drive is connected to a computer via USB port and special music management software.