City WiFi Costs Way Too High

City WiFi Costs Way Too High


According to a recently released report by JupiterResearch, an Internet research company, the average cost of maintaining a municipal wireless network is $150,000 per square mile over five years. Half the current city or county initiatives to create wireless networks could charge users $25 a month and still wouldn’t break even. I guess profits are out of the question.

In Municipal Wireless: Partner to Spread Risks and Costs While Maximizing Benefit Opportunities, JupiterResearch surveyed 83 municipalities in the process of setting up wireless networks. Bert Williams, vice president of marketing for Tropos Networks, a company in the business of providing WiFi hardware to several government, private, and foreign markets, says $150,000 sounds high. The cost for city or county-wide networking using his company’s product is around $75,000 per square mile.

Municipal wireless networking certainly isn’t cheap. The city of Philadelphia is debating whether to go forward with its plans to install a wireless network. Such a move would cost the 135-square-mile city $10 million to install, just under $75,000 per square mile. The cost for running the network the first two years would be $5 million.

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