Cellular Antennas Go Airborne

Cellular Antennas Go Airborne


The latest enhancement in cellular technology may be right over our heads. An unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) equipped with a cellular antenna is being used to send wireless signals to handset units or laptops wherever they may be. Testing is currently being performed by California firm Aero-Vironment Inc., they claim that their UAV with a 50-foot wing span and powered by liquid hydrogen can fly 12 miles high (65,000 feet, above commercial air traffic and weather) for one week straight.

I’m sure if you have the coin, you can get one of these UAVs to follow you up to the cottage where you can usually never get a connection.

This is technology is not exactly new, UAVs have been used by the military since WWII. However, the technology is quite expensive to develop and was often thought of as too ”dull, dirty or dangerous” because them military used them for spying and bombing missions.

But then again, that was then and this is now and judging by the attendees at a recent trade show in Baltimore showcasing the myriad uses of this technology, it seems that many entrepreneurs are starting to see indeed that the technology can be applied into many civil and commercial uses such as search and rescue missions, utility line inspection… and oh yes, for downloading videos on your mobile phone atop the Himalayas.