KTF Dumps $8M into Gpang

KTF Dumps $8M into Gpang


Korea’s second largest mobile carrier announced an investment plan of $8 million on Gpang, their gaming portal. The growing number of Koreans addicted to mobile gaming has obviously been encouraging and KTF’s announcement comes as more encouragement to the gaming community. As content becomes king in mature mobile phone communities across the globe, mobile carriers find it imperative to invest in these ventures in order to keep their users loyal to them.

So what is this new technology being harnessed to impress the users? 3D gaming for one is being talked about a lot and is likely to get many users hooked to KTF’s Gpang once the service starts rolling. Mobile gaming is a two way street in the expenditure and revenue street, it can help get some high profile sponsors for the community building gaming experience as well and KTF is sure to start looking at co-branding opportunities to fuel Gpang’s user base.

Other alliances being formed by KTF to deliver the cutting edge games are with CJ Internet and NHN which is Korea’s second largest Internet portal group and already operates a highly successful portal called Hangame. The alliance between Hangame and Gpang would result in the mobile games being offered on the internet as well. KTF plans to add about 100 games to its list of existing titles and that should get the gamer community itching to get started.