Google maps goes Java for mobile phones

Google maps goes Java for mobile phones


Google Maps is creating enough gaga on the internet with its features and ease of use, now it goes a few fast steps ahead by being made available to Java enabled phones as well. We were all expecting this to happen later…rather than sooner. provides Mobile GMaps, a free piece of software that displays Google Maps and keynote satellite imagery on a Java J2ME-enabled mobile phones or similar devices.

The services offered at, apart from distributing the software on a ‘not for commercial use’ basis, gives you the latest information about new versions, help guide on how to get started, a detailed FAQ and a feedback page to garner public opinion. You can also get a link to the WAP site to download the application directly on your mobile phone.

This looks like a fairly new set up and you might encounter a few glitches while running since it has not been widely tested, but it will surely get many Google Maps fans downloading the application for a look-see. The main drawback of is the not for commercial use issue. The application has a huge commercial potential for almost anyone who has anything to do with GPS/location-centric requirements and the current limitation doesn’t allow a full fledged roll out. I am sure depending on the success of the application, the team behind it is likely to turn commercial, so if you have a commercial interest in this, keep checking back with the MGMaps news page.