Sprint PCS Features Metallica Tunes as Ringtones for July


    You went to the concerts, bought the albums, downloaded their MP3s (legally of course) and maybe at some point even sported the Metallica ‘look’. Well don’t stop there, download ‘Fade to Black’ and have it as the ringtone of your Sprint PCS mobile phone too.

    Sprint PCS and Warner Bros. Records have signed a deal to give you over 20 Metallica tunes that you can download for $2.50 each. That’s right, Metallica is Sprint PCS’ July Artist of the Month.

    The ringtones, ranging from “Enter Sandman” to “For Whom The Bell Tolls” are available through the Ringers Page on Sprint PCS Vision mobile phones. Another ‘first’ about these ringtones is that they are actually derived from actual clips of the band’s songs.

    “Sprint customers will be the first to get Metallica Music Tones on their phones,” said Nancy Beaton, GM of Music and Personalization at Sprint. “As the first carrier to offer Music Tones and now the first to offer these real-song ringers from Metallica, Sprint leads the industry in offering the best music services to millions of customers across the United States.”