PlayAway – The First Self-Playing Audio Book

PlayAway – The First Self-Playing Audio Book


In this world of ‘downloads’, FindAway brings to you PlayAway, the first self-playing audio book in the market. It’s extremely user-friendly (read: easy to use) and all you have to do is insert a standard AAA battery at the base of the gadget, plug the earphones on the universal jack and press the PlayAway button. While listening to your book, you can put digital bookmarks, control the speed of a narrator’s voice, and go forward or backward through the book.

Despite the success of MP3 players, a lot of people actually do not like dealing with downloads and file transfers. As such, many are predicting that PlayAway will be a runaway hit as it is the first product that brings audio books pre-loaded on a portable digital device.

FindAway is expected to announce a list of publisher agreements as it readies PlayAway for a Christmas season release.