Motorola Special Edition Black RAZR V3 on Cingular

Motorola Special Edition Black RAZR V3 on Cingular


Mobile styling has been a strong point with Motorola, this fact is further strengthened by the launch of the new Motorola RAZR Black which boasts of a high style factor. Motorola RAZR Black comes after the launch of Motorola RAZR. This time the launch is in partnership with Cingular Wireless.

Motorola RAZR Black is developed with aircraft-grade aluminum, magnesium and nickel-plated copper alloy metals which make up the phone’s sleek look. Other features in Motorola RAZR Black are video playback and integrated Bluetooth wireless technology, along with VGA camera. Overall Motorola RAZR Black is a good match for the high end MEdia services offered by Cingular. Cingular has bundled a number of features onto a fixed plan which includes test, multi-media messaging as well as MEdia Net. The package is offered with a reasonable cost considering what the original RAZR V3 sold for.

So when can you lay your hands on this sleek and desirable mobile phone? Retailing starts today and you can get it right away in a 2 year contract. Some new personalization features being offered by Cingular is engraving on the back of the phone for a mere $19.99. Phone price? $199.99. Coming soon: The Motorola RAZR Silver…Keep watching this space.