WiMax finds takers in Sprint and Motorola

WiMax finds takers in Sprint and Motorola


WiMAX will see extensive testing through the end of 2005 and continue on to 2006. The new wireless broadband technology will spread through cities worldwide, the tests are being conducted jointly by Sprint and Motorola.

The core idea is to help build a next generation wireless network infrastructure also supported by new wireless products and services.

Various components of the WiMax technology testing process will range from lab testing of base station equipment, smart antenna technology and multimedia handsets shall be tested at certain locations. The testing process shall also check ground realities for market applications of next-generation products.

Sprint has been in the news recently regarding various partnerships which it is fostering with organizations both technically and strategically. There is an obvious urgency felt with the new developments at Sprint as key officials hammer out a multi-channel growth plan to maintain market supremacy. Sprint is also betting heavily on the wireless technology to sell its services and is investing heavily in new service related infrastructure.

This is good news for wireless service users across the US. With Sprint jumping into competition with existing providers, the services along with the pricing can only improve for the users.