Vodafone Launches PC-to-Mobile MSN Messaging

Vodafone Launches PC-to-Mobile MSN Messaging


Vodafone has announced plans to launch a seamless instant messaging service between PCs and mobile phones. The service will allow users to exchange messages via Microsoft’s MSN Messenger software. In addition, you will be able to see the status of your contacts right on your mobile phone and vice versa for the PC.

Of course the service won’t be free; the MSN service will be billed prepay or post use pay on your monthly Vodaphone bill.
No word yet on the hardcore features such as display pictures, file transfer, interface, and group conversations as seen in the PC version of MSN Messenger, but I’m sure we will find out more details soon.

The service will be seen in Europe first by the end of 2005 with Spain to lead the launch.