Personalization bug bites Sprint and Sanyo

Personalization bug bites Sprint and Sanyo


More and more gadgets are now offering personalization options in some form or the other and mobile phones are leading the pack. Sanyo along with Sprint is the latest in the group of mobile phone companies who are offering personalizatino services via their interchangeable color ‘accent plates’.

The MM8300 which offers three base colors to choose from shall hit the stores early July and features a wide range of options such as built in media player and access to 19 channels of high quality video and audio on demand through Sprint Services. Imaging quality of MM8300 is also top of the line.

Sanyo officials promise an excellent wireless experience to users and confirm that the product quality along with the pricing is one of the best on offer. Sanyo obviously plans to cash onto the fact that the mobile phone is no longer an object of convenience ( but we all knew that didn’t we) but more of an entertainment and fashion accessory.

What remains to be compared is Sanyo phone in comparision with other similiar top of the line products which just might be slightly ahead in the over crowded marketplace.