LG and Red Bend Update 3G Mobile Phone Firmware Wirelessly

LG and Red Bend Update 3G Mobile Phone Firmware Wirelessly


LG Electronics, the No. 4 mobile handset manufacturer in the world, has selected Red Bend Software’s vCurrent Mobile FOTA update technology for its 3G cell phones. With Red Bend’s firmware over-the-air (FOTA) update technology, LG can now deploy firmware updates to its 3G consumers in a fast, reliable and cost-efficient manner.

LG 3G mobile phones offer sophisticated features such support for video telephony and multimedia messaging services (MMS). As such, certain firmware updates are released from time to time. Red Bend’s FOTA update technology will enable LG to produce highly compact firmware update packages that can be delivered wirelessly, and installed quickly, reliably and securely on the mobile handsets of LG 3G consumers.

Red Bend’s vCurrent Mobile FOTA update technology does not only enable LG to deploy new services and features to consumers but also enables LG to reduce support and customer service expenses.

“Following an extensive evaluation, LG Electronics recognized that Red Bend’s technology was suited to meet the needs of their 3G handsets,” said Yoram Salinger, president and CEO of Red Bend Software. “LG Electronics and other leading mobile device manufacturers see the value that our unique FOTA expertise and global support can deliver.”

Red Bend is a known name in the FOTA update market and currently has global arrangements with numerous equally big-named mobile device makers (Sony Ericsson, Siemens Mobile) who represent over 50% of the global market.