Mobile phones become tracking agents

Mobile phones become tracking agents


Japan has progressed beyond the usage of RFID and GPS to track people. The paranoid parent has had a wide range of services to choose from to track old parents, young children and even naughty pets who tend to wander off. However, Kokuyo’s Doko line services are now providing additional services for these parents.

The services have features which are quite advanced. Email alerts are sent to you as soon as the trackee steps out of a predefined area of up to 5km. Other than the guardian, a local support center is also contacted to deploy a fail safe strategy ensuring that the ward does not stray too far.

Though some people might think that tracking is for the paranoid, you might be surprised by how many people would buy this product. Koyuko already plans to sell it to a wide range of consumers ranging from institutional buyers such as schools, care facilities, and medical organizations. Individual buyers such as families with working parents and with dependants are likely to be the largest group of buyers for this product.

So what do you need to pay to get the product working for you? Koyuko has the price set at $270 for the basic unit and $14 per month for services. The price ain’t much for the peace of mind it offers to the paranoid user.