StyleFi Music Sphere On Its Way

StyleFi Music Sphere On Its Way


MP3 player users will soon have a new product that will enhance their listening pleasure. Oregon Scientific is set to release an unusual yet strangely cool-looking audio device called Music Sphere, which is sure to please audiophiles.

The device is actually two globe-like spheres: one is a speaker and the other is an adapter. You can plug up to three audio devices into the smaller sphere for great sound, and the larger one can be mounted to a wall or wherever. The Music Sphere also comes with remote control. There’s also a control panel with all sorts of buttons and colors and an analog clock. How retro!

The device is not iPod-specific, so it works with other MP3 players. Other features include six rechargeable batteries and wall adapter. Like the iPod, the Music Sphere is fairly expensive but trendy enough to justify the rumored $249.99 price.