Apple iTunes 4.9 Takes Podcasting Mainstream

Apple iTunes 4.9 Takes Podcasting Mainstream


Apple has released their new version of iTunes today that holds the version number 4.9. The new version is set to take Podcasting into the main stream allowing you to book mark your favorite Podcasts for automatic download onto your iPod when you connect your unit to your PC/MAC.

In addition iTunes 4.9 has a Podcast directory featuring casts such as ABC News, Adam Curry, BBC, Clear Channel, The Dawn and Drew Show, Disney, Engadget, ESPN, Newsweek and NPR member stations such as KCRW in Los Angeles and WGBH in Boston.

For those of you who have been living in a box and haven’t heard of Podcasting it’s a like getting your daily/weekly news in MP3 audio format to your iPod.