Nokia Enhances Java for Series 60 Devices

Nokia Enhances Java for Series 60 Devices


Nokia’s Series 60 based mobile phones will get huge Java enhancement features in and around 2006. The improved Java Platform uses the Connected Device Configuration (CDC) protocol Nokia has envisioned, this will create a more flexible environment for everyone.

Without a doubt, the Series 60 Platform is the most popular smartphone platform that we know of. Samsung, Panasonic, LG, Sendo, Samsung, Siemens and of course Nokia all swear by it, this equals around 25 million Series 60 enabled devices in peoples hands to date.

Nokia’s plan for next generation Java will give more control to mobile operators and network administrators; the devices design and features can be manipulated after production unlike the current scenario where a mobile operator must request specific features and functionality before the handsets are delivered. This will offer a dramatic improvement in manageability of applications, better security and overall higher productivity.

“By facilitating wider interoperability and compatibility, the next generation Java platform for Series 60 will enable a greater choice of dynamic Java applications and improved service quality for both mobile consumer and enterprise users, creating demand for more service and device-management middleware from Java developers,” said Lee Epting, Vice President, Forum Nokia.